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This event is over.

Noče Misterio in Tatralandia

Come along and enjoy the night atmosphere of Tatralandia, and become a wedding guest at a genuine Mexican wedding of skeletons! You´ll have a great time with a lot of spectres, competitions, creative workshops, delicious specialties, and swimming in untraditional time.

Being proper wedding guests at a Mexican wedding of two deaths, you shouldn´t    miss the following:

  • night swimming from 07:00pm to 10:00pm
  • great Halloween decoration
  • a funny evening show
  • a rich animation programme
  • competitions
  • creative workshops for children and adults
  • Halloween specialities in the Paradiso restaurant


NOCHE MISTERIO will also guarantee genuine Tatralandia-style fun:

  • summer heat, sea water and a Halloween programme in the Tropical Paradise;
  • amusement for children and relaxation for adults on the Pirate Island in the Caribbean;
  • adrenalin on water slides: Tornado, Monkey Slide, Jungle Raft, Rapido, Black & White or Hawaiian surf waves: Maui and Waikiki;
  • resting in pools with thermal water – Thermal Pool and Niagara Pool;
  • spoiling relaxation in the Celtic Sauna World and the wellness centre.


  • The water park will be opened until 06:00pm on 19/11/2016 because of hosting the so called Noche Misterio. For guests of the Noche mysterio event, which requires separate tickets, the park will be opened after 07:00pm again. Please find the prices below.
  • Water park guests who buy a 1-day ticket for 19/11/2016 can stay at the evening event at a surcharge of 5.90€ /person.
  • Water slides, surf waves, the wellness centre and the Celtic Sauna World will be opened until 10:00pm


Animation programme

18:30 – 20:00   Arrival of Wedding Guests
19:00 – 22:00   Children´s Creative Workshops
19:00 – 22:00   Mini Dance School
19:00                  Welcome to the Wedding
19:30                  Engagement
20:00                  Wedding Dress
20:30                  Wedding Dance
21:00                  Wedding
21:30                  Wedding Gifts and Guests


   selling date(s)


   Online shopping

ADVANCE SALE Gopass – online

  until 18.11.2016

   10, 90 €

ADVANCE SALE ticket offices, Tatralandia

  until 18.11.2016

   15 €


SALE Gopass – online


   15 €


SALE ticket offices, Tatralandia


   20 €


SURCHARGE for clients who stay in the water park during the day


   5,90 €


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