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Life stories of a once significant local community that lived here between 1720 and 1945.

Vyberte sa s nami po stopách generácií, ktorých kontinuitu navždy pretrhla vojna a holokaust. Ako výkričník dejín tu zostala veľkolepá synagóga, do ktorej vstúpime v závere prehliadky.
The first Jewish families came to Liptovský Mikuláš around 1720. And 100 years later, they formed about 50% of the town population. They were skilful traders, progressive entrepreneurs, excellent teachers, doctors and advocates. Your tourist guide will tell you about the best known ones, such as Samuel Fischer – the founder of the famous Fischer Verlag publishing house, which is still active in Frankfurt am Main, and the author of the well-known European novel “Farewell to a Century” – Iboja Wandall-Holm, who experienced suffering in a concentration camp. You will hear the life story of the great-granddaughter of English Queen Victoria – Valeria Maria, who spent a simple childhood in a house located in the present historic centre. Although the Jews went down in the town history and became an unforgettable part of it, today they are remembered only thanks to an abandoned synagogue. And that is the last stop of this guided tour.
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