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Liptov Ride


What is Liptov Ride?

Team relay race connecting winter and summer seasons. Ski touring, freeride, together with bike, running and kayak? Everything is possible! Build your team and together you can win the first Liptov Ride in the world!
Running. Earth.

Enough of city runs? Do you want to try cross country running? Take this chance!. Lace your shoes and head up from the city straight to the mountains. Discover the charm of local woods, waterfalls and coves spanning from Liptovsky Mikulas up to the bottom lift Lucky in Jasna ski resort. Be the first to start off this extraordinary race.
Ski touring. Snow.

You are standing on the starting line. Get ready, you are awaited at the very top of the Chopok mountain. The only thing that matters is your fitness and good mood.

Freeride. Snow.

Pick your line, ski the chute, make the turns or get it straight, drop the rock and enjoy the views, all up to you. Sounds easy and fun, but after your run, there is still quite a long way to the finish, with or without snow!

Bike. Earth.

Did your bike rest in the garage the whole winter? Nevermind! Dust it off, inflate the wheels and join the race. The most beautiful surrounding of Demanovska dolina is waiting for you!

Kayak. Water.

There is still snow on the mountains, but the channel is already flowing? Excellent, the best time to feel fresh splashing water in your face. Don‘t forget, you are the last link of the chain, the team will celebrate once you finish.


Schedule of Liptov Ride race

7:30 – 8:15 Registration

  • Picking up the start-up packages and racer´s numbers at Whitewater slalom area of Ondrej Cibak in Liptovský Mikuláš

8:30 – 8:50 Racers are getting ready for the race kickoff

9:00  Start of the race – first discipline: Running

  • Mass starts of runners at Whitewater slalom area. Finish at the bottom lift of ski resort Jasna – Lucky
  • While runner is finishing his route, the rest of the team is moving to the runner´s finish
  • Ski tourer gets ready for his start

10:15 Expected start of the second discipline – Ski touring

  • Start: bottom lift station Lucky – Jasna, finish: top of Chopok mountain
  • The rest of the team cheers on ski tourer
  • After ski tourer´s start (the latest) freerider gets on the top of Chopok mountain by chair lift and gets ready for start. Freerider will be taken by chair lift for free and will use following chair lifts and route: Lucky – Vyhliadka, ski slope Fis, Zahradky – Priehyba, Priehyba – Chopok

11:45 Expected start – Freeride

  • Freerider starts under top of Chopok mountain (above cottage Kamienka), finish – bottom chair lift station Lucky
  • Ski tourer cheers on freerider and after refreshment gets back to bottom chair lift Lucky
  • Biker gets ready for start

12:25 Expected start – Bike

  • Start: bottom chair lift Lucky – Jasna, finish Whitewater slalom area
  • Team cheers on biker and slowly moves down to finish – Whitewater slalom area in LM

13:40 Expected start – Kayak

  • Kayaker is ready to take over the relay at Whitewater slalom area LM
  • Team cheers on kayaker

14:00 Winning celebration of team member at finish line

14:30 Cut off time / Freeride

  • After this time any freerider is allowed to ski down the chute. Team will be disqualified if ski tourer doesn´t make it up to the Chopok mountain by this time

Further information

7:30 –  9:30 Breakfast (Whitewater slalom area LM)

10:00  –  12:30 Snack buffet (bottom chair lift station Lucky – Jasna)

13:00 – 16:30 Lunch (Whitewater slalom area LM)

17:30 Results announcement (Whitewater slalom area LM)

20:00 Afterparty

Final note

Scheduled times are approximate. If your runner is a leading marathoner or your ski tourer a cannon ball, please customize expected time of arrival of team members as well as the start of an ongoing discipline. If the athlete is not ready to take over the relay on time, waiting time is added to the total time of the team.

Vision and inspiration of the project

Project Liptov Ride project is inspired by an annual race organized in Canada. Personal experiences proved to us that similar race would be compelling for participants in Slovakia. The region of Liptov is one of a very few that offers ideal location to meet the requirements for this event.

The main vision of the project is to create a space for sport enthusiasts that will allow them to work as a team in five disciplines. The race will conclude the season of winter sports, such as ski mountaineering and freeride, and segue into summer sports such as running, cycling and kayak. We believe that the spirit of connecting winter and summer sports in a single race will not only attract the athletes and spectators, but will also be a tool to strengthen economic growth and raise awareness about the remarkableness of the Liptov region.

Last but not least, we strive to create a space for people with a similar world view to engage and connect with each other and to be a part of a project that will bring an enjoyable sporting and social experience to all of the participants.

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