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Halloween show Tatralandia

All-day fun and theatre programme!

Come and experience a tropical paradise in Tatralandia even at Halloween Weekend. The resort with thematic decorations offers daily unforgettable experiences: swimming in fresh and seawater under palm trees, riding on water slides, and surfing. All this complemented with Halloween decorations and over 50 sculptures and creatures up to 6 m in size. Halloween Show will be great all-day entertainment and this magical space will become a stage for 30 artists, who will prepare an unforgettable day for you.
Celebrate with us the christening of Raffaellito, the little skeleton. DJ Smrť (DJ LilJohn) and a dancing duo Kostry  will set the ball rolling. Xoana will be dancing to the rhythm. You´ll learn how to dance Muerto Style at dance school. You can sing with talented superstar Veronika Danišová. Superb theatrical make-up will turn you into a different person. Creations by Clown Matvej are designed for all age groups as well creative workshops, a rich animation programme, competitions and many other surprises. And all of you, who take part in the christening and would like to take home a reminder to the event, will be rewarded a Halloween surprise! All of you have certainly experienced a Halloween party. Come and enjoy with us untraditional Halloween during the day. We start at 12:30 p.m. You´ll by entertained by artists and actors from Theatre Company, Fairytale World, and dancers from Xoana with their guests.

Additional information:

  • The entry fee is identical to the price list during normal operation.
  • The Halloween programme runs from 12:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. during normal operation  and no additional fees are charged for it.
  • The programme is also suitable for families with children.

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