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Festival ROZHYBKOSTI 2024

When the word festival is said, most imagine sitting in the auditorium and a dance, singing or musical exhibition of ensembles, groups and bands. At Rozhybkosti, we approach things from the opposite end. The authors of the stomping and singing are the participants because the festival is mainly based on interaction. Long-term folklorists, but also lovers or ordinary people for whom traditional art is a hobby, come together with their children to enjoy folklore for themselves. Up to 90 percent of the program consists of live activities such as dance, singing, music, and crafts workshops at various levels. From morning to morning, participants can take part in workshops, dances and go home with the feeling that they not only saw something, but also learned something.

Experience folklore differently than you have been used to. You don’t have to sit in the audience at the Rozhybkosti dance house festival in Východná. On the contrary! You can go on stage and learn Slovak dances, songs or crafts together with the lecturers.

What are dance houses?

The dance house aims to erase the boundaries between the stage and the audience and to return dance and music folklore back to ordinary people as it was a natural part of the everyday life of our ancestors. It is a model of teaching folklore dance and music that combines traditional forms of dance and music with modern pedagogical and academic methods. Participants of the dance house acquire knowledge from experienced teachers or traditional bearers, with the help of teaching and at the same time by direct observation and imitation.

Music, singing and craft workshops

An important part of the festival are SINGING courses for beginners and advanced students, MUSIC courses for already playing musicians and CRAFT courses for all visitors. Lecturers: Michal Noga, Michal Zelinka, Juraj Líška, Monika Zapletalová, Ján Ihnát, Lukáš Jurčo, Ľudovít Cehelský, Andrej Babiar, Michal Melicherčík and others.

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