Dom Wspinaczka na Liptowie Liptovský Ján, Biela dolinka – Prvá, IV

Liptovský Ján, Biela dolinka – Prvá, IV

Typ Droga wspinaczkowa
Trudność: 3 - szlak o bardzo wysokim stopniu trudności
Długość trasy: 1 km
Wspinać się 300 m
Zejście: 0 m
Trwanie 0.3 h
Najniższy punkt: m
Najwyższy punkt m

Szczegółowy opis trasy:


Nízke Tatry


Hotel Bystrá, Liptovský Ján

Koniec trasy:

Liptovský Ján, Biela dolinka - Vtáčik IV


A nice quiet area hidden in the woods of the Biela dolinka behind the Liptovský Ján village. It comprises several limestone reefs that are divided into four main sectors. It is suitable for beginner as well as experienced climbers who favour technical routes.  The big advantage is that climbing is allowed all year round and so you can spend nice time here on warm winter days.

The routes vary in difficulty, ranging from IV to IX+ UIAA, with most of them having the difficulty level of around VI and VII.  The routes are technical and the longer ones are also strenuous, requiring a great deal of endurance.

Climbing permitted:        1. 8. – 31. 1., a od 1. 2. – 31. 7.

Info            List of climbing areas in Slovakia, restrictions, rocks wardens

Sector: Vtáčik – City center
No. of routes: 21
Difficulty: IV – VII UIAA
Length of routes: 8 – 12 m


Approach: 15 min.

Take the Liptovský Ján exit from the D1 highway, drive through the village and into the Jánska valley. Pass the thermal swimming pool and the Strachanovka hotel and restaurant. Continue past the Bystrá hotel (on your right) and take the first right. Park your car in the parking lot next to a waterworks building and then walk the valley past the creek for about 10 minutes. At the point where the forest footpath crosses the creek keep to the right and walk the path uphill to the rocks (5 minutes).


Vtáčik – Prvá IV

Description:            5 glue-in stainless steel bolts + abseil chain.

Nice and easy route ideal for beginner climbers to make their first contact with the rock.

GPS súradnice Vtáčik: 49.02251, 19.65695

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