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Museum was founded in 1912 by a group of enthusiasts led by Arthur and Julius Kűrthi grouped into Liptov Museum Society. The original seat of the museum was in an old vicarage from the 15th century, where the mausoleum of Andrej Hlinka is situated now. Since 1937, the museum resides in a representative building built in 1930s, and designed by a significant architect from Ružomberok, Wojciech Donner (1901-1945). The town of Ružomberok is a patron of this new museum building, one of the first purpose-built buildings of its kind in Slovakia. Building was conducted by a local builder Július Záchenský.

Museum exhibitions offer a comprehensive overview of animate and inanimate nature of the region Liptov, important archaeological findings and sites, history of the region Liptov dated from ancient times to present times, and an opportunity to enjoy the jewels of local art-historical monuments exhibited in the Gallery of Sacred Art and Exposure of Štefan Šovánka. Special attention is devoted to the history of paper production in Slovakia and a personality of Andrej Hlinka. The offer also includes a number of cultural and educational events, exhibition projects, including national and international shows of art photography, traditionally associated with the creative background of authors in Ružomberok, and with the institution of Liptov Museum.

Permanent exhibitions:

Liptov museum in Ružomberok – Guilds and Crafts of Liptov, the history and paper production, archaeology and many more.

Museum of Liptov village in Pribylina – There is an exposition of housing and lifestyles of different social classes of the population in Liptov in the past.

Black Eagle Liptovský Mikuláš – Permanent exhibitions of hunting, fishing and culture in Liptov.

Ethnographic Museum in Liptovsky Hradok – People‘s blueprint in Liptov, sheep-keeping, history of the town Liptovsky Hradok, Gallery of bobbin lace Farmer‘s house in Vlkolinec – Exhibition of traditional housing and way of life.

Peasant house and garden Vlkolínec – Exhibition of traditional housing and way of life

„Важница и Клопачка Маша“ Липтовски Градок – Традиции горно-липтовского шахтерства
и металлургии.

Likava castle – The Castle gradually decayed in ruins. After a thorough reconstruction in recent year the tower Hunyadyho veža was opened to public. It contains the exhibition of the Castle history.

Шахтерский дом Вышна Боца – Экспозиция быта и способа жизни шахтеров на Липтове.

Gothic church of All Saints Ludrová – Nook – Country colonization church, built in the last third of the 13th century in the space between Ruzomberok and Liptovská Štiavnica.

Archaeological museum Havránok – Havránok is among the most important archaeological sites in Slovakia. It demonstrates the presence of Celts in region Liptov in time between the 4th and 1st century BC.


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