Dom Kalendarz wydarzeń História CITY BUS – Every Wednesday
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CITY BUS – Every Wednesday


The new line city bus to the center of Jasna Liptovsky Mikulas runs each Wednesday 12/03/2017.

Visitors are free night tour of the city and with a visit to the oldest church in the city tours and the opportunity unusually, in the evening, visit the Museum of Janko Kral and torture chamber with Mikulas. In addition to fourteen plants around the main square every Wednesday prepared a special program that makes it waits for visitors of good food, drinks and great fun.

Program – a free night tour – more here.

07:30 pm – a tour of the main town square.

07:30 pm – 09:00 pm – a guided tour of the church of sv. Mikuláš

Museum of Janko Kráľ  “get caught”

Maps of center Liptovského Mikuláša
Maps of center Liptovského Mikuláša

07:30 pm – 09:00 pm evening tours of the museum and the torture chamber of Liptovský Mikuláš.
Taking pictures at a photo wall and in historical costumes – free of charge. Minting one´s own coins. Quiz shows for children. Selling of souvenirs

List of participating restaurants

  1. Hotel and Restaurant EURÓPA Feel free to come and try the specialities of Slovak cuisine. Grilled specialities – pork ribs and knees.
  2. Restaurant ROTUNDA Three Temptations in the Rotunda – The temptation for tongue – The temptation for mind- The temptation for eyes
  3. LIBERTY Cafe Spicy chocolate, blooming tea and other delicacies
  4. BARBADOS Cocktail Cafe Cocktails with original recipes, real Turkish coffee and authentic Turkish tea, hot fizzy drinks, Brazilian coffee, cakes –
  5. Restaurant RESTARTBURGER Genuine homemade beef or chicken hamburger. Roast pork ribs, salads with chicken meat, chicken wings
  6. Diera do sveta – cultural centrum  Diera do sveta – Cultural Center Picture books for children, comic books, Bilderbüche, Picturebooks, Gallery of Contemporary Art,      Art Design Products, Handmade crafts,
  7. IRIS studio – Photography Services Outdoors photographic services, shooting in the studio, Services are provided by the request of the candidate. Photos are delivered by mail to the address specified by the customer. Contact: 0904/806 823
  8. JUMBO Pub Sitting in a pub Slovakia.      Speciality: tank non-pasteurized Slovak beer.
  9. MILLE GUSTI Pizzeria Ristorante Restaurant closed.
  10. GOOD MOOD PIZZA &BAR The unique taste of pizzas which are madeon beech wood in the oven according to the traditional recipe Salads, Pasta
  11. Restaurant TAVERNA a Liptovská izba Home cooking – sheep cheese and meat pies, homemade specialities, hot and cold drinks typical for the region, authentic sitting in the comfortable environment.
  12. The British Lion – bar Theme parties – Music 80’s, 90’s, wham party)  British atmosphere
  13. Central Perk  Shisha &Bar, plantation coffee, herbal teas, Belgian chocolate,Concerts, performances, presentations
  14. KOLOTOČOVO Pub Sitting in with the rock music, The selection of draft beers – 11 kinds, Occasional concerts

 SEE VIDEO – Liptov News: Free transport to Liptove a new city bus with attractive program in the center of Liptovsky Mikulas 




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