Total length: 32,83 km
Height a.s.l: 170 / -170
Walk time: 08:20
Bike time: 04:10

Liptovský Mikuláš – Svätý Kríž – Lazisko – Pavčina Lehota – Bodice – Demänová – Liptovský Mikuláš

Liptovský Mikuláš is undoubtedly an attractive tourist destination. The historical centre attracts visitors with coulourfulness and tideness of houses as well as with its landmarks   – St. Nicoulas Church, former County House or Illešházys´ Manor House. Several museums and galleries are situated in the town – Museum of Janko Kráľ, Jánošík´s Museum, Exposition Tatrín and Requirements of Slovak Nation, Gallery of P.M.Bohúň, etc. A unique exposition is found in underground premises of the Museum of Janko Kráľ, known as Mikuláš´s Torture Chamber.

Near the places where proceedings with a legendary bandit captain Juraj Jánošík took place two centuries ago, visitors can look through the records on his either voluntary or violent examinations, which, along with torture tools such as “dereš” (kind of wooden bed, where imprisoned were beaten), “škripec” (kind of wooden ladder – a rack) or “Španielska čižma” (Spanish boot) bring closer the methods of conducting the trials at the time he lived. A historical centre is a pedestrian zone with shops, restaurants, pastry shops, cafés and multiple outdoor sitting places and terraces in summer. Pleasant environment, a Fountain of Metamorphoses, lots of greenery and benches make the pedestrian zone a favorite resting place, which is enriched with many events throughout the year. The traditional and very popular are County Days, Mikuláš´s Summer, and Mikuláš´s Market.

Pass by the villages of Benice, Andice and Galovany and enter the village of Svätý Kríž. Behind the village you can visit a wooden articular church, which is the biggest one in Central Europe. The church was built in 1693, and later it was transported from the flooded village of Paludza during the development of the water reservoir Liptovská Mara in 1974 – 1982. The church interior is furnished and equipped with a Baroque altar, a pulpit, stone christening area, paintings with bible scenes, Venetian glass chandeliers and an organ. The church has a capacity of 6000 people and is built without a single nail. What is remarkable is that Master Lang during the construction of the church did not use any drawings because he could not read or write and he had to rely entirely on his own carpentry experience.

After visiting the church, continue along the pleasant route leading through the village of Lazisko to the village of Pavčina Lehota where not only skiers (in winter) but also adrenaline riding enthusiasts will come into their own. A summer bobsleigh track in Žiarce is the first track of its kind in Slovakia. It has a length of 1,000 m with an elevation of 113 m, 16 curves and 6 terrain waves. The surrounding area of Pavčina Lehota have offered possibilities for year-round sports activities along a new, 10 km long educational trail since January 2010. The educational trail is marked with 11 information boards providing interesting information and pictures of the environment. The trail is available for all age groups, especially for families – hiking / biking / cross-country skiing.

A nice walk will provide you with breath-taking views of the West Tatras, Choč´s Mountains and the hills of Fatra. With a little imagination you could find a hiding place. Switch your camera panorama mode – it is really worth it. If you continue along the route to the village of Bodice, you will come across an attractive place of the village – a pond – which is a small protected area partially bordered by the crystal clear mountain stream of Demänovka that flows out of caves. In the Demänovská valley and its surroundings you can quietly watch forest animals – red deer, rabbits and draw energy from the unique nature. Pass by the village of Demänová to get back to the town of Liptovský Mikuláš. The last pleasant stopover may be the Area of water slalom of Ondrej Cibák. Grassed surroundings, grassed terraced stands and lots of bridges, paths and benches gives this place a leisure character. The area is mainly used by water slalom racers, but also raft racers and rodeo makers find here their place. Olympic champions including Michal Martikán and Elena Kaliská were brought up here. White water of this area can be also used by the public, thanks to the sports agency offering commercial rafting and rental of water slalom equipment.



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