Total length: 32,07 km
Height a.s.l: 85 / -85
Walk time: 08:00
Bike time: 04:00

Ružomberok – All Saints Church (in Ludrová) – Liptovská Štiavnica – Liptovské Sliače – Sliač´s Travertine – Partizánska Ľupča – Liptovský Michal – Ivachnová – Lisková – Ružomberok

Start your journey at the railway station in the town of Ružomberok and then head for the village of Liptovská Štiavnica. Take notice of the All Saints Gothic Church which is situated between the villages of Ludrová and Ružomberok. It was built in the last third of the 13th century and is decorated with rare frescos which were painted by an unknown author around 1420. They represent a Christology cycle – the Christ´s life in 34 pictures. It is the widest cycle from the Christ´s life in Slovakia. According to a legend, the Master of the Templar Order, Johann Gottfried von Herberstein was burried in the church. You can search for Templar signs which may lead you to a hidden treasure, or try to resolve some of the mysteries.

If you have looked through the church and its notabilities properly, continue your adventure journey leading to the village of Liptovská Štiavnica. Also here you can find a very nice late Renaissance castle from the 17th century. The castle is an attractive place because some scenes of Slovak films or parts of serials were shot here. Continue to Liptovské Sliače, the biggest village with rich history in the region Liptov. An original Gothic Church of St Šimon and Jude from 1326 is the most significant culture relics. There is the „Sliač´s Travertine“ State Natural Reserve with moffette stream behind the village. Try to taste the „miracle water“. The village arose from three settlements. In 2001, a celebration was held for the 750th anniversary of its first written evidence. Local folklore ensembles Sliačanka and Sliačanček (children) represent and maintain a rich folk tradition, songs and dance on inland and outland festivals.

Continue your way through the village of Partizánska Ľupča. The first mention of this village is from 1252. German settlers settled here because of rich deposits of gold and silver. They received town privileges and market rights. Perhaps you also will discover the small grains of the precious metal. Another village on your way is Liptovský Michal. St. Michal´s Church and a wooden bell-tower are important culture relics and landmarks of the village. The route from Liptovský Michal will take you over the river Váh River to the edge of the village of Bešeňová and from there continue along the bike trail to the villages of Ivachnová and Lisková. During your journey you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and explore the beautiful countryside and mountain scenery of the region Liptov.

In the village of Lisková, at the peak of Mt Mních you will find Skalná päsť (Rock Fist). It is a 6 meters high rock formation of dolomite and limestone in the shape of a clenched fist, emblazoned with various legends. In the past, it apparently served river drivers to tether their floats, and others say that it was carved by Italian craftsmen in the construction of the railway. The protected area is declared a natural monument. In addition, the Liskovská cave is also worth a visit. This route ends in Ružomberok, where you can relax and play a good game in a bowling club STODOLA Ružomberok. You can also find there a great restaurant – Chalet of the Good Shepherd, where you can taste traditional food from the Liptov region´s cuisine for affordable price or make an advantage purchase in Hypernova store.



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