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In the meadow – summer park

When wandering around Liptov, do not forget to visit the summer park Maladinovo NA LÚKE, which is located in a picturesque setting between Tatralandia and Liptovská Mara. Children, mothers, fathers or couples – everyone will find their own.

Children can feed a sheep, empathize with a shepherd or ride a horse. Finally, just let them find the way out of our straw labyrinth or try another of our straw attractions. Then treat yourself to a good meal à la Ivan Rusina, a quality beer or something sweet and visit our local shops.

The area is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 and the gastronomic zone until 20:00. In addition to good food, you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset over Liptov’s peaks.


In cooperation with Farm Východná, we brought a herd of lambs, sheep and also several curious goats to the meadow. Children can feed them from a bowl or from the hand and also bring them back to the sheep-pen through obstacles. And if you get a taste for good cheese or ice tea from mountain herbs, go to the farm shop directly on the premises. Our horses are also saddled every day. Just jump on.


We have carefully selected a range of local producers and sellers of honest food and handmade items for you.

These are the shops you will here:

  • Farma Východná – sale of Liptov cheeses and herbs in organic quality
  • Medárstvo and Hrnčiarstvo Greško – sale of local honey, propolis, pollen products and also nice plate ceramics
  • Obchod u Báčika – sale of quality handicraft products to the whole household
  • Naše Slovenské – sale of stylish Slovak clothing and accessories

Ivan Rusina took over the patronage of our gastro zone and you will see him here on more than one weekend. You can find Liptovský burger, Maladinov flap steak or proven treats for children, including ice cream, in the main gastronomic stalls. Unique Liptov offal (grilled potato blood sausage), cakes from Aunt Tania or something sweet is right next door. Have quality street food or traditional Liptov offal or homemade cakes.

There will also be great Bernard beer from our Chekhov brothers, draft Kofola and lovely coffee. In addition, more than one evening will be enriched with good music, so the Maladinovo sunset will be even more enchanting.


We have also prepared for you and your children a farm straw labyrinth with an area of more than 600 m2, a pitchfork throw into a straw or the rolling of straw bales for the Maladinov record. Parallel fights of fathers or family rolling of bales, which do not need to be missed, are always interesting. Go back to your young days.


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