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Explore the town with a guide – Liptovský Mikuláš 7x differently

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Follow the green umbrella of the tourist guide to the historic city centre. Experience a trip into the rich history of Liptovský Mikuláš, listen to the interesting stories of local artists and personalities of the Jewish community. Discover legends and facts from the life of the famous bandit Jánošík, get to know the biggest tourist attractions of the city or traditions that go far into the past. Choose from 7 themed hourly sightseeing tours and book the services of a tourist guide in the INFORMATION CENTRE for a date that suits you. In addition, with guide services, you get discounted admission to museums and galleries.


A tourist guide will take you through the streets of the charming historic centre to its 12 biggest tourist attractions. He will tell you what makes each of them unique, focus on architectural details, but also tell the stories that relate to it. You will also learn that the oldest architectural monument of the city was once the Church of St. Nicholas together with the Pongrác manor fortified and surrounded by a moat, what is the message of the unmissable Fountain of Metamorphosis, in which museum you will find a lookout tower in the middle of the historical centre, and you will also get to know about an exceptional scientist, a native of St. Nicholas – Aurel Stodola or the eccentric Hungarian sculptor Alojz Štróbl, who is the author of the statue Our Mother, registered among the most perfect sculptures in the world. After completing the tour, you will get an overview of the tourist offer of Liptovský Mikuláš. We will be happy if you subsequently decide to visit any of the 12 TOP attractions. Whether you choose a tour of museums, galleries or sacred monuments, each has its own charm.


The year was 1713 when the legendary bandit captain Juraj Jánošík was imprisoned, tortured, tried and finally executed in Liptovský Mikuláš. Hear his captivating story and interesting facts from a time when people believed in magic. With a tourist guide, head to the historic centre to the places where its fate was decided. Jánošík was in his time a bandit, of which there were many. Nevertheless, he became a legend comparable to the famous Robin Hood! Perhaps because Jánošík did not kill anyone during his beatings, the common people idealized him as honest and just. Like someone who was not afraid of the lords and also fought for their freedom and a better life. To make him even bigger and stronger, they attributed supernatural abilities to him. Jánošík also showed his courage and defiance during the trial, when he did not answer most of the questions and did not betray his fellow robbers even during torture. People sang it in legends and songs, later it became an inspiration for poets, painters, sculptors and filmmakers. And so a legend was created that was not forgotten even after three centuries!

Exhibitions Jánošík’s courtroom and torture chamber
In period costumes, become a judge, advocate or Jánošík, try torture instruments in the dark underground of the museum or make a Jánošík’s coin yourself! Take a selfie in a judge’s chair, under a gallows or on a rack.

Souvenirs with a Jánošík theme on sale in the Janko Kráľ Museum and the INFORMATION CENTRE.


Get to know the fate of the once important local community, which co-created the history of the city for more than 200 years, in the period literature also referred to as “Jewish Athens”. St. Nicholas was the first city in Hungary with a Jewish mayor… Follow us in the footsteps of generations whose continuity was forever broken by the war and the Holocaust. As an exclamation point of history, a magnificent synagogue remains here, which we will enter at the end of the tour.

In addition to the museum exposition and several preserved buildings, the bestseller Goodbye, century by Iboje Wandall-Holm, who spent her youth here, tells a lot about the fate of the inhabitants of Mikuláš at that time. In the most tragic period of the city’s history, ordinary people often became heroes – the Evangelical pastor Vladimír Kuna saved 26 Jewish children and the Jewish medical student Margita Schwalbová rescued people directly in the concentration camp. Get to know other stories of courage and love to your relatives, but also the talent and business success of local personalities… and you may also find out if Queen Victoria’s great-granddaughter really grew up here under the Tatras.

Explore the streets of the historic centre of Liptovský Mikuláš. Listen to the life stories of local artists who have crossed the borders of Liptov and Slovakia.

You will see beautiful portraits of burghers and nationalists by Petr Michal Bohúň in the gallery of the same name. Master Bohúň also portrayed the infamous gipsy musician Jozef Piť, who played in the Čiernz Orol building, wherein 1830 the first Slovak amateur theatre staged the play Kocúrkovo. You will see the statue of Our Mother, one of the most perfect statues in the world. You will learn about the fate of a Martinček couple, a painter and photographer, who drew inspiration for their work in the Liptov country. Koloman Sokol’s graphics, which capture mainly social motives, aroused the respect of Picasso himself. St. Nicholas artists also signed on the appearance of the Church of St. Nicholas,  next to which stands the birthplace of the pioneer of Slovak national music, Ján Levoslav Bella.


The beauty of the surrounding nature and the rich history of Liptovský Mikuláš directly predestined the town to become a centre of tourism. The tourist guide will acquaint you with the ideals of personalities who laid the foundations of tourism and fundamentally influenced its development not only in the city but also in Slovakia. The first Slovak-written Guide to the Tatras was born in Liptovský Mikuláš, and the first Slovak tourist association was founded here. The first museum in the city was the predecessor of today’s most modern museum in Slovakia – the Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology, which, with its unique focus, can boldly compete with modern world museums. At the end of the guided tour, you will visit this interactive museum and see one of its many unique exhibits – the skeleton of a cave lion, which is one of the ten rare finds in Europe and Asia. You will also get to know the firsts in the field of culture, natural conditions, sports and relaxation, which the city is proud of today.


The ideal sightseeing route for all history enthusiasts. The event-rich story of the city began to be written more than seven hundred years ago. The first mention of the future town is captured in an old document dated from 1286. The town of St. Nicholas gradually grew around the Church of St. Nicholas and until the middle of the 19th century, it belonged to the Pongrác family. You will see one of them with your own eyes. And what made him so special when he has a statue in the historic centre? A tourist guide with a green umbrella will tell you this. And not only that! He will also tell you how much commotion was caused by the execution of the bandit captain Jánošík in 1713, what the greatest personalities of the Štúr generation have in common with Mikuláš, what was going on in town in the memorable years of the 18th century, what happened here 70 or 100 years later…


When Liptovský Mikuláš is mentioned, many immediately feel the taste of bryndza, parenica or oštiepok, local types of cheese, others remember the barn distilleries and their herbal liqueurs, others are reminded of Mikuláš tanners and furriers. With the guide you will get to know the history and present of traditional products, the best original recipes, but also the places where viable St. Nicholas entrepreneurs once lived, built and successfully ran their operations. Learn where they are based and how their followers are doing – modern companies and new businesses. You can find out in the Janko Kráľ Museum how leather was processed several centuries ago, as well as how leading families and educated descendants of local tanners lived.


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