Baranec (2 184 masl) from Žiarska valley

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Tourist route: Žiarská valley – Baranec peak and back

Area: Western Tatras

Destination of the route: Baranec (2 184 masl)

Difficulty: challenging alpine hike

Duration: 7 hours

Starting point: Estuary of Žiarská valley

Elevation: 1 304 m

Trasa: Estuary of Žiarska valley – Stará stávka 1.30h – Baranec 2 h – Smrek 30min. – Žiarske saddle 30min. – crossroads in Malé Závraty 30min. – chalet Žiarska chata 1 h –  Žiarska valley 1.15h.

This challenging hike with a difficult ascent begins at the mouth of the Žiarska valley (880 masl and continues along the yellow marked asphalt road. At the signpost, it changes into a forest road, which will take you along the serpentine to the ridge of the Stará stávka (1 299 masl). Another point of support is a shelter, around which we just pass and then climb the ridge to the top of the forest border into the mountain pine zone.

As we climb higher, the mountain pine trees gradually decrease and gravel path leads us to the destination of the trip – Baranec 2 184 masl. This hill is the highest peak of the Western Tatras and therefore offers a beautiful view of the Liptov region. After enjoying the view, we will start descending to Žiarské saddle (1 917 masl) to Malé Závraty to the junction of the green and blue paths. The path will lead us to Žiarská chalet, where you can put something under your tooth, or refresh yourself, or stay. At Žiarská chalet there is a place of reverence for the victims of mountain accidents in the Western Tatras, which you should not miss. We will reach the destination of our journey – Žiarská valley along the blue marked path.

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