7. Treasures of the Towns

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Jánošíkovská tradition
Janko Kral Museum Liptovsky Mikulas
Janko Kral museum building is one of the most prominent house of Nicholas Square. It has several names – Stoličný house, mansion or Illešházyovská Selingov house. It is characterized by massive triple arcade, in isolated, which has withdrawn from a number of other houses on the west side of the square. Currently, the premises and the adjacent Selingov Straussian house is one of the permanent exhibitions of the Museum of Janko Kral called chapters from the history of Liptovský Mikuláš. The exposition presents urban history from ancient times to the end of World War II. It includes a memorial room and the Romantic poets and Mikulášsky Rodko Janko Kral …


Ethnographic Museum Liptovský Hrádok
Ethnographic Museum was established by decision of the District National Committee in Liptovský Hrádok Resolution no. 214 dated June 15, 1955 more than District Museum Hornoliptovská people. At the Museum of Ethnography Liptov it was renamed until 1960, when it was also extended its catchment area to the whole territory of Liptov. Since 1974, the organization affiliated to the Liptov Museum. Since 2004, the new seat of the Ethnographic Museum of the Salt county office. Permanent exhibition of historical Salt Road – consists of works of art and text material. It presents the history of trade in salt and the ways in which this rare surovna to Liptovský Hradek was coming …

Exhibitions and art exhibitions
Ludovit Fulla Gallery Ruzomberok
They were built to deposit and presentation of art works by the Slovak National Gallery Fulla gave Louis (1902 – 1980), one of the most distinguished of Slovak art, significantly following the first modern European art currents. Multi-talented artist, painter, graphic artist, illustrator, creator of monumental decorative works, stage designs and teacher, spent the last years of his life. The project developed arch. Hatala by a conceptual design of the architect. M. Kusy (1964-65). Gallery opened in 1969. Visitors can see a permanent exhibition of paintings, prints, drawings, illustrations, tapestries and art úžitkoého …

Church. Nicholas
Roman Catholic Church. Nicholas is the oldest architectural monument in the city and the largest early Gothic building in the Liptov. It was built as a parish church for the inhabitants of nearby villages Vrbica, Okoličné, Ploštín, Palúdzka and Bobrovec. He eventually laid the foundation for a new settlement Liptov – Saint Nicholas. As confirmed by archaeological research professor Adalbert Krick-Buda, early Gothic cathedral grew up on the site of an older Romanesque church and ordinary cemetery. Later, he has held various construction work. In the mid-15th century it was extended and vaulted, the tower was nadstavená and adapted in the late Gothic style. In the same odob church with the nearby Curia landlords Pon …

Fountain Metamorphoses

Fountain Metamorphoses work of art with the number of creative thinking. In the dark railway fountain it immortalized seventy major currencies Mikulášský natives – scientists, inventors, doctors, priests, writers, artists and journalists who go through to bring new ideas and artistic values. Upper rotary reflecting the blocks are eternal fountain Pohy loop passage of time ..

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