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Liptov is an ideal place for a family vacation full of adventure and fun. Discover the best natural children’s playground and the largest in outdoor arena in Slovakia. Try us ride on the toboggan run, scooter, kite and wake boards, Turn for a moment Tarzan and build a real giant. In Liptov, the impossible becomes possible.

A chest with a puzzle look at the following locations:

Propaganda Freestyle Park
ABYSS first park in Liptov and unique water ski lift in Slovakia for children and adults, beginners and advanced with a length of 150 m and a width of 30 m. We recommend booking in advance.
20% discount applies to wakeboard – riding on the water for 15 minutes

Contact ZOO
CONTACT Zoo invites you to contact zoo where you can meet with the animals in the immediate vicinity. Have you sat on your head parrot? Have you ever held in the arms of chinchilla? Have you ever tried raise “half a meter” a land turtle? You know what they have thick fur sheep? Hladkali you ever small donkey? Not? So come and experience with us more. GPS treasure chests with: N49.103923 E19.572207 ° ° CAUTION! GPS coordinates not determine the precise points truhličiek. Find a chest in the parking lot at the entrance to the valley ….

Dragon Tower deflection (1349 m asl)
Children’s attractions that you can enjoy for overcoming problems in the family games Drakoparku. GPS treasure chests with: N48.962764 E19.589432 ° °
CAUTION! GPS coordinates not determine the precise points truhličiek.
Find a chest in the parking lot at the entrance to the valley.

Ďalšie tipy

Mineral spring Medokýš – Janska Valley
On the walk from Liptovský Ján underneath the mountain, through Borovo Sihoť to Liptovský Hrádok you can stop at the spring Medokýš and refresh its refreshing water. This source belongs to the cold water with a high iron content, and people take it to go gather up bottles and canisters.
The spring is also a place of pleasant breaks for hikers, bikers but also because this way leads beautiful natural trail that takes you from Liptovsky Jan in Liptovský Hrádok, through the porch swing over the river Vah.

Nadina spring
Meadow on the edge of the road in Janska valley is spring, which is called Nadina spring. She was named after the daughter of the pharmacist ZuFu of Liptovsky Mikulas.

Brankovský waterfall
Brankovský waterfall located on the western edge of the Low Tatras at the mouth to Revúcka valley. Waterfall with its height of 55 m is the highest waterfall in the Low Tatras. It also ranks in the top five highest waterfalls in Slovakia. The amount of water that flows through the waterfall is thus dependent on rainfall and the season. Brankovský waterfall and the surrounding area since 1980 national natural monument. It belongs to the Low Tatras National Park. The waterfall is despite its importance little known to visitors of Liptov. In the winter months is converted Brankovský waterfall ice walls covered with icicles and many other ice formations. …

Source Uhorčianka
Near the village Uhorská Ves is a mineral spring Uhorčianka. The spring has been used since 1500. In the spring, in time, forgotten until the time when they started to build the new Vah river hydroelectric power plant. Spring was found again in 2012 and opened to the public. Today is the site of frequent stops for tourists and cyclists leading up to the valley. Source consists of tasteful wooden shelter with benches. Mineral water from the spring has a characteristic sour taste.

Water reservoir Black Vah
Pumped-storage hydroelectricity Black Vah consists of two tanks. The upper reservoir was built on a hill in a place called Vyšné falcons at an altitude of 1160 m. n. m .. The second part of the plant with water reservoir was built in the valley at an altitude of 733 m n. m .. pumped-storage hydroelectricity power plant is the largest of its kind in Slovakia. From the upper reservoir offers panoramic views of the whole region Liptov, West and High Tatras.

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